Intership Program

Curacao Internship Program

In an effort to help future professionals to extend their winds and learn what they will be doing in the future, Curacao is providing an opportunity for students to get a hands on experience in their career

Curacao will provide an opportunity to work in a hands on environment; commit to teaching the essentials elements of your chosen field, a flexible schedule and even access to Curacao's Healthy Center

Date of Program: May 11th - August 21st

Retail Management Business Administration
Finance Credit, Collection, Customer Service
Human Resources Business Administration
IT System Computer Science, Software Engineer
Marketing Marketing, Communication, Retail Merchandising,
Marketing Research
Multi-Media Marketing Graphic Design, Media,Digital Animation/ Design
E-Business E-Commerce Marketing/Strategy, Internet Technology,
Venture Capital
Home/Mobile Communications Mobile Application Development, Field Marketing,
Network Administration
Legal Paralegal, Pre-Law Studies
International Sales Support International Business, Business Administration

If you are ready to learn more about your major and have a hands on experience in your career apply for our program now!