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A little about us

Curacao ranks among the top 50 electronics and appliance retailers in the U.S. In the years since our recovery from the 1992 riots, the company has expanded many times over, adding new stores and warehouses, offering new services beyond retail sales, and becoming the most trusted name within our market. Curacao gains momentum with each passing year, with plans to enter Hispanic markets in new cities and give more communities access to our quality products and services. Here at Curacao we value our unique relationship with our customers. The local Latino population is more than a market to us—it is a vibrant community, and Curacao is an active member.

Events Coming

Los Angeles Store

Job Fair Coming Soon

Curacao is constantly involved in job fairs and we would like everyone to join them to find out more about us.

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Our Company

Our Company

Our mission at Curacao is to deliver the best available products and services to our customers at affordable prices. We are committed to serving our associates, our vendors, and our customers with honesty, respect, and appreciation. We believe...

We are Hiring

Career Center

Here in the Human Resources Dept. embrace change and the opportunity it brings. We are focused on delivering quality customer service and are committed to recruit, develop, reward and retain our global workforce.

Children Foundation

Children's Foundation

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond low-prices and high-quality products. Curacao Children's Foundation provides direct assistance to families in need referred by local government agencies, schools, ...