Curacao Children Foundation

Curacao's Children Foundation

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond low-prices and high-quality products. Curacao Children's Foundation provides direct assistance to families in need referred by local government agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations. Families recommended to our foundation are contacted directly by our staff, have their needs assessed, and are provided with products from our stores

Information about our Foundation

  1. How are Children Assisted?
    • Curacao’s Children’s Foundation provides FREE home products to severely disadvantaged children growing up without the standard items expected in an American society.

  2. Who can refer a family in need?
    • Any community organization, church, school and other entity that works with children and is familiar with their living conditions can refer a family to our program.

  3. What is the process to assist a family?
    • When organizations refer their family cases to our Children's Foundation, each family will be studied case by case and visited by one of our representatives to evaluate their needs. Once the need has been assessed, we will make the delivery of the authorized products. Our expert drivers will assemble these products and place them wherever the family indicates them.

  4. How can an organization refer a family to the Foundation?
    • An organization can refer a family by clicking on this link . You will be required to enter the name of your organization and create a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Keep this information handy; it will be required every time you log in to check status or refer a new family. This can be done any time and any day.